Galicia Color

Galician Color

Art is created with thought and is built with hands. In Art there are no borders, it is universal, but there are territories. Mio is the green Galicia of 'carballo' and ‘castaño’; The blue of Cantabrian, Atlantic, Minho and Sil. My territory is also the yellow, red and brown of the 'soutos' and 'carballeiras' – oak and chestnut woods. My world is color, smell and touch. My sculptures are to feel, to transmit. I need to come to you to complete the resurrection. My own and the wood, which never dies. That only transforms with the passage of time. That mutates from inert matter to living sculpting body. The wood rescues me, the wood is the life.


Product Description

Colored cypress trunk. Galicia is not a gray land and its trees are not either; It may be a dark country for days, but that darkness only hides the chromatic nuances does not destroy them. They exist, they are there waiting for a being unveiled among the thickness of the forest. The inertias of real society cloud the relationship of man to nature, disconnect them from the earth. But our land is rich, it is wise, it is full of intense colors and a perfect plastic sharpness. In it are abundant the colors and amalgams of shapes and shines rescued now in a sculptural way.

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Additional Information

Weight350 kg
Dimensions70 x 70 x 220 cm


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