José Manuel Toirán is not an artist to use. That son of a postman in Sarria, Lugo (Galicia), who as a child made sculptures with plasticine and, as a teenager, assumes his own creativity in the school of mosaics of Padre San Millán, is not even comfortable in the classical definition of the artist. He declares himself to be self-taught and universal in influences, a crucible of vital experiences that he accumulates from studies of delineation to business practice in the construction world, through property management and contact with peripheral worlds and border cultures in Cuba, Algeria , Morocco, Senegal and Guinea-Bissau.

José Manuel Toirán

Toirán is a lover of design – his profession for more than a quarter of a century – of the purity of lines and the intertwined contours of the world. A pleasant monk of aesthetics and the ethics of the senses, but above all a naturalist. An alchemist of forests and fragas capable of turning corpses of trees into unique and unrepeatable sculptures. Dead who are resurrected, life that emerges. Wood that survives while maintaining its essence while projecting into the future transmuted. Toirán is the Santa Compaña of lost souls; The master of ceremonies in the deep forest of collective memory, to hunt and catch disturbing resurrections.

The work of José Manuel Toirán is a perpetual homage to Nature. Antonio Moneo has said that:

You seldom find yourself in your life-time with a poet who writes his poetry on the dry tree trunks that closed his life cycle.

The work of José Manuel Toirán is a perpetual homage to Nature. Antonio Moneo has said that: “Seldom do you find yourself in life with a poet who writes his poems on the dry tree trunks that closed his life cycle.” Toirán saves from oblivion oaks, maples, chestnuts and birch trees wrecked in the thicket of the Galician forests to give them new light. To transform them without changing them. To extract with imagination and hands – very few tools in the process – new forms, hidden textures, atavistic odors and even primary colors in communion with the earth and the environment.

Toirán expresses himself with preference, though not exclusively, for wood as a noble material above all things. Never two of his pieces are the same, neither is born in series or in chain; All are unrepeatable. They all have a past and a present. The artist deepens in the collective imaginary starting from the own psyche, of the talent and the taste. Nothing is random in execution or result. Everything responds to a mental program with seasons of departure and arrival in Nature as the great road of life. Nature and Art in capital letters: the latter as a vital instrument, a weapon of mass humanity and a tool to improve people’s lives. Human art / Urban art to which the author invites:

Imagine how the past of each tree was; deduce with the senses which is the present of each sculpture. Dialogues with the wood as if they did with oneself, I invite you to my personal journey.José Manuel Toirán

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